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Ownership Succession Planning

Service Overview

Our Ownership Succession Planning service is meticulously designed for AEC professionals who own their own firm and are committed to resilience of the company, as well as the legacy they leave behind. We understand the complexities and emotions involved in passing the baton of your life’s work. Our service ensures a smooth, strategic transition of ownership, maintaining the legacy and values of your firm while safeguarding its future growth and stability.

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To facilitate a seamless succession of ownership in AEC firms, ensuring continuity, preserving company culture, and optimizing future business potential.

Who This Service Is For

This service is specifically tailored for owners and senior partners in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry who wish to see their business thrive, attract top talent, and leave a lasting legacy for their family, employees, and customers.

Key Features

Customized Succession Strategy: 

Develop a personalized plan based on your firm's size, structure, and culture, considering both immediate and long-term goals.

Stakeholder Engagement: 

Coordinate with all key stakeholders, including incoming leadership, existing management, employees, and clients, to ensure a transparent and inclusive transition process.

Financial and Legal Facilitation: 

Collaborate with financial advisors and legal experts to address valuation, buy-sell agreements, and other financial considerations critical to a successful ownership succession.

Leadership Development and Mentoring: 

Identify and cultivate new leaders from within the organization, ensuring they are equipped and ready to uphold the firm’s standards and drive future growth.

Cultural Preservation: 

Ensure the firm's founding principles and culture are preserved and respected, facilitating a transition that honors the past while embracing the future.

Succession Planning Workshops: 

Conduct workshops and training sessions to prepare the firm for transitional phases, focusing on change management and organizational resilience.

Post-Transition Support: 

Provide ongoing consultancy and support to ensure the new leadership is successful, addressing any emerging challenges post-transition.


Continuity of Legacy: 

Ensure your firm's vision and values continue under new leadership.

Minimized Disruption: 

A strategic approach to transition minimizes operational disruptions.

Employee Confidence: 

Employees feel secure and motivated about the future of the company.

Client Reassurance: 

Clients receive consistent service quality during and after the transition.

Maximized Financial Return: 

Optimize the financial aspects of your retirement and the firm’s future value.

How It Works

Initial Consultation: 

Begin with a thorough understanding of your vision for retirement and the future of the firm.

Assessment and Planning: 

Evaluate the current state of your firm and develop a comprehensive succession plan.


Execute the succession plan with regular check-ins and adjustments as needed.

Feedback and Adjustment: 

Continuously gather feedback from key stakeholders and adjust strategies accordingly.

Completion and Review: 

Finalize the ownership succession and review the process for any final adjustments.

Next Steps

To embark on a smooth and strategic ownership succession contact AEC Pathfinders for a detailed consultation. Together, we’ll ensure the legacy of your AEC firm is preserved and its future, secured.

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Kirk Kistner

C: 210-232-1450

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